Dropgard’s patent-pending design offers unmatched sport mask performance and comfort. Many masks claim to be breathable but Dropgard actually is. How? The key is a separate compartment for nose breathability. The lighter mesh nose compartment increases airflow while the main compartment blocks droplets.

It is important to remember that Dropgard is a Source Control sport mask and not a self-protection sport mask. In other words, Dropgard helps limit the expulsion of respiratory droplets, but it does not necessarily filter all of the air we breath. For that reason, all players should be wearing a mask when you wear Dropgard. When we play together and wear Dropgard together, we can all breathe freely and play safely.

We conducted a test similar to one that was done at Florida Atlantic University using a mannequin, a fogging machine, and a hand pump to simulate a cough. The test showed the effectiveness of Dropgard Athletica in keeping droplets from expelling due to its tight seal around the face. Given that a mannequin is made of rigid plastic rather than malleable skin, Dropgard Athletica would likely expel even fewer droplets than was demonstrated in the test.

Dropgard Highlights 

  • Designed for all-day comfort while playing sports 
  • Clear, audible speech when wearing Dropgard 
  • Adjustable straps ensure that Dropgard stays in place
  • Tab for quick adjustments to prevent athletes from touching the front of the mask
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off
  • Dropgard hangs accessibly from neck for water breaks
  • Patent-Pending design increases airflow & lifts away from the face for greater comfort 
  • Made with high-performance materials
  • Outer shell lets air through & allows moisture & sweat to wick
  • Fabric is soft, smooth, comfortable & durable 
  • Fabric holds up in the rain and dries quickly

    Dropgard Care

      • Between uses, hand-wash mask with antibacterial soap for 2-3 minutes and rinse with warm tap water
      • Soak mask for at least 7-10 minutes in hot water with temperatures between 45 to 60 degrees celsius 
      • Tap water at the highest heat setting will do
      • As an alternative, you can use a clothes steamer to steam the mask after each use for 7-10 minutes
      • Squeeze excess water out and hang to dry
      • Always wash mask after one day of use or prolonged contact with other people

      Dropgard Fit

      • Two Sizes. Adult and Child. Simple Measurements & Broad Compatibility 
      • Soft, adjustable nose piece to seal it across the face
      • Hand wash before use
      • Find your size: See instructions below

      sizing chart