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Dropgard Athletica was designed specifically for athletes. Its primary function is to help reduce the emission of droplets while playing sports. Studies suggest that the mouth is responsible for the largest share of droplets due to breathing, talking, yelling, and coughing. With that in mind, Dropgard's unique patent-pending design creates separate compartments for nose and mouth breathing, making it the most comfortable and breathable sports mask you can find.

Dropgard's patent-pending design lifts away from the nose and mouth, creating far greater comfort and breathability. The sleek design also keeps much of the face exposed to reduce overheating

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Part proceeds from Dropgard sales are donated to support communities and safe sport through the Charitable Impact Foundation - proudly helping kids play again.


Dropgard Athletica sports mask
"COVID-19 is spread by droplets. We can see directly that a piece of cloth blocks those droplets and the virus those droplets contain. People without symptoms who don’t even know they are sick are responsible for around half of the transmission of the virus."

– - Jeremy Howard, distinguished research scientist at the University of San Francisco

Teams sales. For purchases of 50 or more, send us an email.

Team Sales

For purchases of 100 or more, send us an email

dropgard disclaimer

Dropgard is a non medical mask. It has not been certified by NIOSH and it is not intended for use in medical situations nor to serve as a protective barrier for those treating patients with any form of viral infection. Dropgard is not intended to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne particles but serves rather to protect against the spread of respiratory droplets. Dropgard is most effective when all athletes participating in a sport are wearing them. Dropgard Athletica mask is not recommended to be worn around others who are not wearing masks. Athletes should also abide by any safety protocols put in place by their sport organizers.